Ending Taxpayer Funded Lobbying
During the last Legislative Session, your tax dollars where used by local governments spending millions of dollars at the Texas Capitol lobbying against their constituents.  One example of this was the full court press by some local governments to oppose property tax relief.  I support the Republican Party of Texas’ Platform plank that calls for an end to taxpayer funded lobbying.

Lower Property Taxes
Fort Bend County has some of the highest median property taxes not just in Texas, but in the United States.  Property taxes across the State have risen much faster than Texan’s ability to pay.  I support much needed reforms such as Senate Bill 2, which gave taxpayers a stronger voice over their property tax bills.  While that was a much-needed step, I believe we can build upon this success and further limit the crippling impact rapidly rising property taxes has on Texas taxpayers.

Protecting the Unborn
Protecting the “right to life” is one of the most important things a legislator can do.  Matt will be a strong pro-life advocate in the Texas Legislature to protect the unborn.

The Texas miracle is alive and well, and that is in large part due to the friendly business climate created by the Republican led Texas Legislature.  As a small business owner, I will be a strong advocate in Austin to maintain an economic climate in Texas that attracts the best talent and fosters economic opportunity.  I will oppose needless regulations that only result in obstacles for entrepreneurs, business owners, and all Texans to thrive.

Efficient and Effective Government
Everything is Bigger in Texas and that can sometimes include our Government.  I will fight to pass a conservative budget and root out waste, fraud, and abuse in all areas of government.  As a small business owner, I understand how to set priorities and live within our means.  Our Government work smarter and better for all of us.

Veteran Assistance
Without Veterans we would never have the freedoms we have today.  I am proud of all that have served.  We need to honor the veterans and give them the benefits and services they deserve for keeping us free.

Insurance Company Accountability
Texans with legitimate insurance claims should know that they will be paid fairly, and timely.  When our courts are not filled with collection lawsuits, we can let business owners do what they do best…drive our economy forward.  For example, a Doctor should not be faced with spending more time trying to collect legitimate bills than they do caring for their patients.

School Safety
Our children are our future, and no parent should have to wonder if their child will come home from school that day.  I support elements from legislation passed last Session which allocated money for to ensure school districts and their employees are adequately trained to recognize and respond to emergency situations.