With all my heart, I want to bring your words and your voice to the Texas State Legislature; however, it goes without saying that I am helpless without people like you who are willing to give up their precious time to be the backbone of my campaign. “What,” you ask, “are the advantages of volunteering?”

First, campaigns are full of many individuals from all professions and getting to know these different people by becoming a volunteer will allow you to work in the trenches with various people throughout our community and learn about them. This could very well help you in the future.

Second, working as a volunteer in a campaign is great experience. You will see first hand how our political system works and how each volunteer makes a difference in that process.

Third, the experience as a volunteer can be a great addition to any resume. Employers take notice of such experience as it shows a person’s ability to pursue projects and opportunities that will further his or her experience and their beliefs.

Fourth, the experience of volunteering could expand your knowledge base by working to fund-raise for a grassroots organization. You will learn marketing through spreading the word about our campaign and methods of fundraising.

Finally, yes, it’s possible that I could lose this election, and that would mean the hard work that is poured into this campaign by others and me might not pay off, but I say let’s do this wholeheartedly regardless of the outcome because we’re fighting for what we believe in. Additionally, let’s not forget that the work that is performed for me or any candidate to become an elected official has been the same since our founding fathers took office. The process of people volunteering their time and coming together to work for a common good is why our country is so great. I invite you to become a part of that greatness by volunteering for my campaign.